Välinge licensed RM to implement its patented 5G locking technology

On November 21, 2018, RM has signed a license agreement with Välinge Innovation AB (Välinge). This agreement will authorize RM enabled with Välinge’s patented 5G flooring locking technology.

Välinge Innovation is a leading R&D and IP company in the flooring and furniture industries with cutting-edge locking technology. Threespine® click furniture technology originates from the recognized 5G® locking system used in over 1.2 billion sq.m. flooring world-wide.

With short-side tongue-groove machined out by Välinge’s 5G® locking technology, far-better locking is achieved than normal installation. The flooring are secured without distortion in pushing and stretching while durability and silence are not compromised. The locking tongue enables the easy installation in a single “snap” without any floor keel and glue to bring home-decor consumer a better and easier experience than ever.

The alliance of 5G® locking technology and XTD brings the industry a perfect example of win-win cooperation and infuses new energy to Rm’s sustainable innovation which will the sustainable development in China.