‘One Sky, One World. I am an Activist!’ Successful Close of the 2018 Straw Harvest and Storage Field Demonstration

On June 5, which is World Environment Day, machines rumbled at Mohekou Industrial Park, Bengbu, Anhui Province in the morning as many visitors were invited to witness a straw harvest and storage demonstration. A parade of mowers, wheel rakes and bundling machines crossing the field in turn drew many nearby farmers to the spectacle. The presentation showed how straw is harvested, transported, and stored, as well as explore how the straw could be put to use.

The field demonstration was sponsored by RM and co-organized by Mohekou Industrial Park, Wan Meng Agricultural Machinery Association and Nanjing Agricultural University with the great support of HP, Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co., Ltd, Philips Lighting, Hefei Forging and Pressing Group, and TSMT (Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp). Mr. Teck Tin WONG, and Ms. Pu Luoxi, CEO and General Manager of RM respectively, also attended the ceremony.

When we complain about the worsening environment, have we ever asked ourselves what we have done to make a change? Have we stopped using disposable plastic products? Do we turn off the air conditioner? Do we give up driving and choose to ride a bicycle? Every little change matters to the world. While we cannot fix all the major problems threating the environment immediately, we need to try our best to protect our homeland and the planet. As a citizen of the Earth, it’s our duty to take care of it, especially when the environmental threats are increasingly serious. We all live on this beautiful globe that deserves our protection.

Whether you are an individuals or a corporation, our existence and survival depends on the environment. RM for example has taken the responsibility to protect the environment, and reduce the carbon footprint with its sustainable development strategy. At RM, every day is World Environment Day.